Wisconsin Post-Game Thoughts

September 5th, 2021

Meticulously penned by Bill Kratzer

Hell of a Game

In a defensive tour de force, both Wisconsin and Penn State mustered up an opening season football game that only a Big Ten fan could truly love.

How did Penn State capture victory from the jaws of defeat? It leaned on its defense.. a lot. It seemed only fitting for the final plays to be determined by Penn State’s secondary - a group that clearly stood out.

On Thursday, I had a lot of question marks about this Penn State team.

Let’s see how they did:

  • The Seconary - The Penn State secondary was a wrecking ball all around. Jay’ir Brown, TCF, JPJ, Jonathan Sutherland, and Jaquan Brisker showed up to play and made life very difficult for the Wisonsin passing game.

  • The Line-backers - The line-backing group was solid. As mentioned by the broadcasting team at FOX, Brooks was everywhere. Jacobs and Smith outstanding as well.

  • Defensive End - Arnold Ebitkie is the new name that every casual Penn State fan probably now knows. Jesse Luketa shined in his hybrid rule, too.

  • Offensive Line - The jury’s still out on this one. The offensive line got owned much of the game. Moving the offensive game to the edges really helped. We’ll learn more about the offensive line in the upcoming weeks.

  • Sean Clifford - I think we all know how Sean Clifford is. He won’t win a game like McSorely, and he wasn’t flawless on Saturday either. But he played a solid game. More importantly, he made no big mistakes.

Other quick thoughts;

  • That targeting call on Brooks (and the suspension) was really a tough pill to swallow.

  • Joey Porter Junior is a man playing among boys. He’s going to the NFL next year.

  • What a great story, and great day, for Jay’ir Brown and Jaquan Brisker.

  • What a day for Jesse Luketa. My eyebrows were raised a bit when I heard the dual role he’d be filling. I was wondering if this spoke to Luketa’s ability to play both roles or Penn State’s desperation at defensive end. Probably a little of both, but Luketa shined in both roles on Saturday.

  • Penn State should jump a few points in the polls on Monday after disappointing showings by Indiana, LSU, Miami, and Iowa State.

Onward to Ball State…