Ball State Post-Game Thoughts

September 12th, 2021

Meticulously penned by Bill Kratzer

Check, check, and check.

After the thriller in Madison, I was looking forward to a nice, straightforward Penn State victory that checked a lot of boxes.

It certainly did.

  1. Secondary standing up to a more formiddable passing duo. Check.

  2. Linebacker corps executing without Ellis Brooks in the first half. Check.

  3. Defensive line getting pressure and creating havoc. (mostly) Check.

  4. Running game traction. Check.

  5. Balance between passing and rushing. Check.

  6. Spreading the ball amongst the receivers. Check.

  7. Getting the second team some valuable reps. Check.

  8. Winning the turn-over battle. Check.

Other notes:

  1. Fun to see Mike Yurcich throw in the multiple-tight-end and multiple-running-back sets.

  2. Yurcich did a good job of taking advantage of the field and space.

  3. Clifford missed a few wide open receivers, but overall continues to make plays and (more importantly) limit mistakes.

  4. GREAT one-handed interception by Jesse Luketa. You can’t help but cheer for him.

  5. No Jake Pinegar.

  6. Fun to see the appearance of Marquis Wilson as a receiver.

  7. Nice to even see some under-center snaps.

  8. We only saw two sacks by Penn State on Saturday. Something to watch as the season marches on.

  9. Third down efficiency wasn’t great.

  10. Noah Cain and Keyvonne Lee were both pretty solid yesterday, but in my eyes, it looked like Keyvonne has more big-play potential and seemed pretty close to breaking a few big plays.

Next week will be fun and interesting!