Auburn Post-Game Thoughts

September 19th, 2021

Meticulously penned by Bill Kratzer

Another week, another win!

Penn State outlasted Auburn on a perfect September evening of college football. Undeterred by a prime time Beaver Stadium White Out, Auburn challenged a bend-but-don’t-break Nittany Lion defense.

Earlier this week, I said that this game may be determined by mistakes. But Sean Clifford and Bo Nix were perfect. Both quarterbacks came to play on the big stage. In fact, the only mistakes that may have determined the game was a bungled Auburn trick play and questionable refereeing.

In yet another fitting ending, Penn State relied on its defense to secure the win.

Quick thoughts:

  1. I’m really happy for Sean Clifford. He’s taken a lot of criticism over the years, but he’s shown that he can lead the team during a big game.

  2. Clifford avoided the bad throws and the dangerous scrambles up the middle of the field. His one interception was the best type you could throw. Hell, it might as well have been a punt.

  3. We saw how fun a Mike Yurcich offensive could be. Three tight-end sets, a little razzle dazzle, a tight-end taking a snap in the wildcat formation, PJ Mustipher taking a snap and getting a first down with a little help from his teammates (despite the refs’ bizarre call).

  4. I’m not big on blaming the refs too much. They have a tough job, calls usually go both ways, and you should never put yourself in a position where a bad call is the difference between a win or a loss…

  5. …but dear god. That was not a great night for the SEC refereeing crew.

  6. Credit to Auburn. They came ready to play. They looked largely undeterred by the electric atmosphere. Bo Nix had himself a pretty good game. Tank Bigsby had really good success running the ball up the middle of the field.

  7. I’m surprised Auburn didn’t commit more to the running game. If they did, I might be writing a different type of post right now.

  8. Nitpick #1: Penn State’s inability to end the game on their own terms by running out the click on offense is concerning to me.

  9. Nitpick #2: The lack of a pass rush with sacks is also concerning to me.

  10. I’m old. I don’t regret not going to this game for one second.

It was a fun night of football, but I’m looking forward to a low-stress, noon kick against Villanova on BTN next week!