Villanova Thoughts

September 26th, 2021

Meticulously penned by Bill Kratzer

Another week, and we learned a little more about our Nittany Lions.

Penn State easily vanquished a lesser foe on Saturday. It was no contest. Most of Villanova’s points came in garbage time. There’s a lot to like about the Nittany Lions right now.

The pollsters seem to agree, putting the Lions at #4 (AP) or #6 (Coaches). It’s pretty hard to believe that 11 months ago, this team was 0-5.

I’m not sold on the #4 ranking, but who cares? There’s a ton more football to play and a lot to see play out. The rankings are little more than sugar water for the fans.


  1. Clifford was great. The chants to bench Clifford over the last two years certainly are not aging well. Clifford was efficient, confident, and in control. More please.

  2. We finally know who are starting Wide Receiving trio is at Penn State, and it was on full display on Saturday afternoon. JD, PW, and KAS all looked equally reliable. This bodes well.

  3. In stark contrast, the running game has problems. The running backs, offensive line, and tight-ends all share in the blame game. Eighty rushing yards against Villanova is pretty bleak.

  4. Noah Cain only ran a few plays, paving the way for John Lovett to make the case for more playing time. I hope we continue to see more of what he can do. And I hope that Cain gets healthy.

  5. Credit to Yurich for using screens and the width of the field to open up the field when the running game can’t get going.

  6. Three sacks by Penn State this weekend. Much better.

  7. Participation in the defense is really spread around. There’s a ton of rotation, and all position sets seem to be firing on all cylinders.

  8. We saw Marquis Wilson make a couple of receptions on Saturday. He’s a great weapon. Brilliant move to have him play both ways this year.

While we didn’t pile on 60 points, and while we let up two garbage touchdowns in the fourth quarter, Penn State easily survived. And if you looked around the top-25 this weekend, you should be glad.

On to “Hate Hoosier” week!

##WE ARE!!!