Indiana Thoughts

October 3rd, 2021

Meticulously penned by Bill Kratzer

After starting last year 0-5, it certainly feels great seeing the Nittany Lions at 5-0.

This may have been Penn State’s most complete game of the season. Penn State’s defense made Michael Penix Jr and company look lifeless. Offesnively, the rushing game got its legs underneath it.

Quick thoughts:

  1. The Penn State pass rush looked great. For the first time this year, the opposing QB looked helpless This bodes very well for the Nittany Lions.

  2. It was great to see the running game getting some traction.

  3. Although, lets be honest: the numbers were a little deceptive. There were so many times where Penn State got zero (or less) on the ground.

  4. Tight End run blocking definitely seems to be an issue.

  5. As do the running backs. There were several plays where the running backs just couldn’t shake a tackle.

  6. Jahan Dotson just doesn’t drop the ball.

  7. Jahan Dotson also dropped guys on three separate plays this game by just running hard at them.

  8. Dotson’s decision to come back for one more season looks like it’s really going to pay off for him.

  9. Clifford didn’t have a great long-ball game, but he didn’t need to. Clifford continues to make solid decisions.

  10. Was I the only one holding their breath when they saw Keyvonne Lee in the backfield with Penn State backed up to the 10 yard line? Great 44-yard run, though.

Who cares where Penn State is ranked this afternoon? For my money, I’d put Iowa above Penn state. However, it doesn’t matter because it all gets settled on the field next weekend at Kinnick.

As it should.