Iowa Preview

October 7th, 2021

Meticulously penned by Bill Kratzer

Nittany Lions: 13, Hawkeyes: 17

Saturday afternoon should be a lot of fun to watch, if you like defensive football! Both teams boast top-five defenses as well as offenses that have been underwhelming.

While Penn State’s offense is far better than Iowa’s, I’m really concerned about the Penn State passing game and Iowa’s ability to create turnovers. Iowa could easily stuff the Penn State running game and force Clifford into uncomfortable throwing situations.

It’s no surprise that Penn State was hell-bent to commit to the running game on Saturday night against Indiana. It was important for Penn State to get some traction before heading to Kinnick.

I think Penn State turns the ball over 3 times - 1 on the ground and two in air. This sets up a short of enough field for the Hawkeyes to get a few scores and eek out a win on Saturday night.

Let’s hope I’m wrong!

WE ARE!!!!