Ohio State Preview

October 30th, 2021

Meticulously penned by Bill Kratzer

Good Guys: 10, Buckeyes: 35

A bloodbath in Columbus - it seems fitting for Halloween weekend.

I’m being optimistic with this prediction. If Sean Clifford is truly healthy, I think we’ll get a few points on the board.

A struggling offensive line and a crippled running game are a great way to become one-dimensional. Clifford’s running ability (if he’s healthy), can add a bit of uncertainty for the Buckeye defense. But once Bucky gets settled in, this offense is going to flounder.

Defensively, Penn State is really missing PJ Mustipher. With sloppy tackling at line-backer, it could make a very long night for the Penn State secondary. Combined with a struggling offense, this defense will eventually break. Just how soon they break will tell you how ugly this game is going to get.

Maybe our trusty Nittany Lions will have some nasty tricks up their sleeves. One can hope!