About Bill

Slinging Code Since 1982.

About Me

I started playing with computers when I was 10-years old, when I got an Atari 400 for Christmas. I learned how to program in Atari BASIC, and quickly learned 6502 Assembly so that I could squeeze every last bit of power out of that tiny 1.44 Mhz 6502 MOS processor.

In high school and college, my computer programming hobby shifted to the world of PCs. I learned object oriented Turbo Pascal, Turbo C++, and 80x86 assembly I also delved into high-performance graphics programming using so that I could squeeze ever last bit of power out of a slightly more powerful 16 Mhz processor and VGA card!

During college, I fell in love with UNIX, the Internet, and Linux.

After college, my programming world has revolved around Java, Kotlin, and JavaScript. From time to time, I have played with other programming languages such as Go and Lua.

Today, I spend most of my day on my Mac, on servers, and on the web.

Where to Find Me