Programming. Games. Lego.

Current Projects

  • Zap!
    I'm working on a reboot of Zoop with my co-worker and friend, Tayler!
  • Sudoku
    This was a quick weekend project to work on my javascript and web skills.
  • Colors
    I wanted to get familiar with Javascript, so I thought it would be fun the program game using the Phaser game framework. This game is a re-write of a game that I wrote in college, back in 1991. I wrote this version of the game during a week-long vacation at the beach in North Carolina!
  • Drawing
    I'm working on my digital drawing skills. I have a long way to go, but it's fun learning how to draw!

Old Projects

  • Quartz Job Scheduler
    Many years ago, I helped out on the Quartz Project. Quartz is a cool, open source project for Java-based job scheduling. I wrote examples and tutorials.