Programming. Games. Lego.

Current Projects

  • Sudoku
    This was a quick weekend project to work on my javascript and web skills.
  • Colors
    I wanted to get familiar with Javascript, so I thought it would be fun the program game using the Phaser game framework. This game is a re-write of a game that I wrote in college, back in 1991. I wrote this version of the game during a week-long vacation at the beach in North Carolina!
  • Lego House
    I love Lego. While I love working with physical bricks with my hands, I quite often do not have enough real bricks to build the types of projects that I would love to build. Enter the world of Lego 3D Modeling on the computer. The excellent Lego Studio application lets you build real Lego models in the virtual world! My first project was to build a model of our town house!
  • Drawing
    I'm working on my digital drawing skills. I have a long way to go, but it's fun learning how to draw!

Old Projects

  • Lego PacMan
    Recreations of the iconic 8-bit graphics in Lego!
  • Quartz Job Scheduler
    Many years ago, I helped out on the Quartz Project. Quartz is a cool, open source project for Java-based job scheduling. I wrote examples and tutorials.