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Website Relaunch!

By Bill Kratzer on 8/6/2023

Categories: Programming

Laptop Cafe image created by Midjourney

Today marks a re-launch of this website!

Over the years, I have tried several static site frameworks, including Jekyll and Hugo.
Both of these frameworks were fun to play with but neither really resonated with me.
I disliked getting Ruby working properly on my laptop and my Amazon EC2 instance for Jekyll.

Hugo’s online documentation is a mess, and I found the use of Go’s templating capabilities to be a major limitation.

Enter Astro!

Astro is a modern take on static site generators that takes inspiration with popular frameworks like VueJS and React, even allowing me to build this website as a series of easy-to-define reusable components. The bonus for me is that the Astro website itself uses Tailwind, so dealing with this popular framework is not an afterthought.

I’m looking forward to learn more about Astro and plan to use it on my next big project!